[Ciracle] Vitamin Source C-20 30ml

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Vitamin Source C-20. Containing Pure Vitamin C, smooths and firms your skin. This serum mitigates skin darkening and makes your dull and rough skin up to smooth and glamorous. The Serum will visibly improve the color and texture of the skin.

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About the Product

  • Includes Pore Vitamin C 20%.
  • Whitening and recovering trouble scars.
  • Moisturizing and removing blackheads.

Suitable for all skin type.


  • Need to tone up loose skin for keeping youth.Simple Skin Care with only one Vitamin C serum.
  • Faster Vitamin C effects with added peeling function. Combine 20% L-Ascorbic acid with natural antioxidants to help prevent premature signs of aging.
  • This serum will protect, soften and moisturizing your skin.
  • Revitalising
  • Removing the dead skin cell
  • Whitening
  • Recovering the trouble scar
  • Removing blackhead
  • Over 100,000 consumers TRUST original pure vitamin C20 serum because they can feel the effectiveness!!!


Ciracle is a skincare brand that cares about the skin from its past to present, and even further to the future. It is a vitamin focused product that effectively stabilizes the unstable nature of vitamin through the use of high technology.

By going through a strict selection of fix propertied components, its effect and safeness is outstanding, and is made of highly intensified resources that help improve the skin.

Ciracle is a professional vitamin C line products brand owned by the Cotde Bio-Research Center (CBRC), mainly focused on anti-aging and anti-wrinkling. The efficacy and its technology of the skincare products that are produced from the CBRC’s research technology are highly appreciated; they are chosen as their prescribed cosmetics from over 200 local dermatological hospitals.

1. We give our effects from naturally abstracted substances based on dermatology –

Through the research of the dermatologists, we find improvement effects on skins from natural abstractions.

2. Only the best natural sources are strictly chosen for use – Among the internationally approved cosmetic resources, only those that are biologically and carefully selected are used for making products, thus allowing a promising effect and safeness.

3. Functional cosmetics that are highly concentrated and highly intensified are made – By going beyond the effective intensity point of the raw material, it gives a highly promising result.

4. The skin’s inner health is the top priority rather than simply aiming for the outside-beauty – Our customers’ healthy skin is made our top priority by taking out the unnecessary components and by only keeping the needed part in packaging.

Revitalises the skin, whitens and brightens skin tone.

Ciracle Vitamin Source C-20 contains the active ingredient L-ascorbic acid, a pure and high-quality form of Vitamin C, and powerful antioxidant. Used in many skin products for its skin rejuvenating properties, Vitamin C has the remarkable ability of bringing a brighter and healthier glow to the face. Each bottle of Vitamin C Source C-20 holds 6,000mg worth of Vitamin C which is equal to 40 oranges or 120 strawberries.

– Assists in the removal of dead skin cells and blackheads
– Controls blemishes and tightens pores
– Revitalises the skin and promotes skin recovery
– Whitens and brightens skin tone
– Protects, softens and moisturises the skin
– Suitable for all skin types
– The serum comes with a syringe cap to enable precise measurements and effortless use of the product


Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum contains about 6,000mg of 100% Pure Vitamin C. It contains 20% concentration of L-Ascorbic acid, which maximize the benefits, and additional feature of peeling function. As natural antioxidants, it helps prevent premature signs of aging, while it protects, softens, and moisturizes your skin.

High portion of Vitamin C and still remarkable safe.

22.9% of Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum is the real meaning of pure Vitamin C. One bottle of C20 serum contains vitamin C 40 times more than orange, 120 times more than strawberries and 200 times more than mandarins.

Proved Effectiveness

Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum not only offers whitening, exfoliation and pore care effect, but also helps smooth the rough area on your skin, caused by spots or acne breakouts, when used regularly or long term. After using the serum, research shows positive result on skin condition. Out of 2075 respondents, who used Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum :

  • 97.91% said, “Skin looked brighter and more defined complexion”.
  • 96.00% said, “The serum reduced unwanted skin pigmentation and blemishes”.
  • 92.20% said, “skin improvement after first usage”.
  • 86.52% said, “The serum smoothen out uneven texture”.

Now, you can see that a lot of people in the world are using Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum.

How To Use

1️⃣  Apply after cleansing and toning.

2️⃣  Use 2-3 drops and smooth in gently all over face (especially smooth intensively the aged area such as pigmented or wrinkled lesions)

3️⃣  Initially, a slight tingling may be experienced. (A passing phenomenon)

4️⃣  Mixing with several drops of Vitamin C20 and toner makes your skin refresh being gooey, or

5️⃣ Mixing with several drops of vitamin C20 , apply moisturizer is more effective.

** pls use this as soon as possible after opening the case. Store in a cool , dark place considering vitamin characteristics, apply it with sunscreen in the day time.


When you utilize the product please avoid using any products that contains high level of AHA, BHA (include Betain Salicylate), Retinal, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid).


Before use Ciracle Vitamin Source C20

Next morning

After 1 week

“Tone and brighter: within first to third try, I noticed under my right eye bag area. Look quite bright n tone. It does surprise me !  And it doesn’t stimulate my skin at all during my first try〜

After that , maybe I sometimes sleep late , I feel not so bright as the first try .. ). In order to try out the peeling function as ciracle mention, i apply the vit. c source to my nose. and i found it only soften my nose skin, peeling function mayb not much effect on me. After 14 days , i judge my skin is fair, softer .however, still big pore 😡 since the vit c source got nothing to do with minimize the pore >.< .” Credit to on January 20, 2014


Water, Ascorbic Acid (19%), Alcohol, Sodium Lactate, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (1%), PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, 1,2-Hexanediol, Safflower Flower Extract, Rosa Davurica Bud Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Lethicin, Ubiquinone, Beta-Glucan, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane, Diethoxyethyl Succinate, Caprylyl Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Orange Oil, Glucose, Adenosine, Panthenol, Zinc PCA, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Sodium Metabisulfate, Ethyl Hexanediol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Diisopropyl Adipate, Phenoxyethanol.

*Results from the use of beauty product above may vary depending upon the individual and will depend on multiple factors, including your age, gender, skin type and condition, use of other products used, health history, lifestyle, diet and others.


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