[COSRX] Pore Control Cleansing Brush

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Removes hardened blackheads, whiteheads, sebum and various kinds of skin wastes in pores.

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About the Product

  • Removes sebum in pores
  • Soft and deep cleansing brush

Suitable for all skin type.


1. o.o45mm Fine Brush Hair

This is a super concentrated brush!

Thinner than hair and soft brush hair strengthens the cleansing effect! It is a very soft brush!

2. About 310,000 Density

Cleanse easier and smarter with this brush! Made with over 310,000 microfibers for the ultimate non irritation, yet intensively cleaning tool, the pore brush targets unwanted wastes and oils deep within the pores for the complete deep cleanse your skin needs.

You can’t feel any empty spots when you run your fingers through it.

3. Removes Sebum In Pore

Gentle on skin and tough on pore gunk. The brush helps to clean the deepest and tiniest of pores! The natural ingredients for a more sanitary, safer cleanse to leave your skin refresh and feeling baby soft.

4. Cleanly Cleanses, Low Irritation

Evenly distributed pressures from artificial brush hair minimizes irritation on the skin and much cleaner to use pore brush than just washing face with hands.

The brush itself looks very clean and bright.

Made with over 310,000 microfibers
Made with over 310,000 microfibers

How To Use
1️⃣ Apply an adequate amount of cleanser onto the brush and work up a good lather. Gently roll onto the forehead, nose, cheek and chin areas in small circular motion. If your skin is sensitive, use 2-3 times a week.
2️⃣ Rinse off thoroughly with clean water.


Highly recommend to these people :

People who have a big worry due to broaden pore;

People who have blackheads and wastes inside of pore;

People who want mild and soft cleansing;

People who want deep cleansing over the face.

After using this brush, rinse off and dry well. Store in cool, well ventilated areas, away from exposure to direct sunlight.